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Modeling Food Safety & Quality
Oral Presentations
MFS1281 Hyperspectral Imaging Technology: A Non-Destructive Tool for Food Quality and Safety Evaluation and Inspection
  D.-W. Sun

MFS311 Novel NMR - Technology to assess food quality and safety
  M. Spraul, H. Schafer, B. Schutz, F. Fang, M. Link

MFS032 Long-range correlations in pork ham surface images using first-order detrended fluctuation analysis
  N.A. Valous, K. Drakakis, D.-W. Sun

MFS564 Evaluation and identification of markers of postharvest damage in mushrooms (Agaricus bisporus) using a GC/MS metabolomic approach
  A. O’Gorman, C. Barry-Ryan, J.M. Frias

MFS641 Visualization of the distribution of multiple constituents in bread dough by use of Fluorescence Fingerprint Imaging
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  M. Kokawa, K. Fujita, J. Sugiyama, M. Tsuta, M. Shibata, T. Araki, H. Nabetani

MFS864 Non-destructive Nutrient Determination of Maize Using NIR Method
  I.W.Budiastra, H. Andrianyta, H.K. Purwadaria

MFS270 Establishment fingerprint of flavor components for typical chinese rice wine
  D. Liu, P. Zhu, J. Tang

MFS169 Rapid assessment of meat quality by means of an electronic nose and support vector machines
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  O.S. Papadopoulou, C.C. Tassou, L. Schiavo, G.-J.E. Nychas, E.Z. Panagou

MFS1208 Stochastic models of microbial growth as a tool for a risk-based management of food quality and safety
  K. Koutsoumanis

MFS1321 Developing Next Generation Predictive Models: a Systems Biology Approach
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  J.F. Van Impe

MFS1156 Salmonella survival in low aw environment
  E. Margas, A. Alstrom-Moore, C. Dodd, J. Holah

MFS431 Predictive model for inactivation of Lactobacillus rhamnosus in apple juice by combined pulsed electric field and thermal processing
  R. Buckow, K. Karpinski, G.Knight

MFS452 A thermodynamic approach to assess a cellular mechanism of inactivation and the thermal resistance of Listeria innocua
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  T. Skara, A.M Cappuyns, S.O. Johnsen, E. Van Derlinden, J.T. Rosnes, O. Olsen, J.F. Van Impe, V.P. Valdramidis

MFS717 Operating Characteristic curves for single, double and multiple fraction defective sampling plans developed for Cronobacter in powder infant formula
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  A. Mussida, U. Gonzales-Barron, F. Butler

MFS729 Heat adaptation of Escherichia coli K12: effect of acid shock and glucose
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E.G. Velliou, E. Van Derlinden, A.M. Cappuyns, J. Goossens, A.H. Geeraerd, F. Devlieghere, J.F. Van Impe

MFS1029 Neural network model for predicting and classifying exotic tropical fruits based on its maturity and ripeness
  H.K. Purwadaria, I.W. Budiastra, A. Rejo, D.A. Nasution

MFS653 Dynamic approach for assessing food quality and safety characteristics: the case of processed foods
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  T.R.S. Brandao, C.L.M. Silva

MFS477 Interest of modeling heat transfer inside a reactor to estimate kinetic parameters
  N. Jimenez, P. Bohuon, M. Dornier, C. Bonazzi, F. Vaillant

MFS682 Methodology for extracting an observable reaction pathway for the simulation and control of Maillard reaction during baking of sponge-cake like products
  C. Bonazzi, M. Courel, S. Fehaili, B. Broyart, B. Rega, X.M. Meyer, P. Giampaoli

MFS712 Investigation of acrylamide formation in curcumin-asparagine model system
  A. Hamzalioglu, V. Gokmen

MFS853 Modeling the stability of green tea catechins EGCG and ECG during the biscuit making process
  A. Sharma, W. Zhou

MFS433 Predicting the extent of Maillard reactions in infant formula during sterilization by ohmic heating
  M. Courel, S. Roux, I. Birlouez-Aragon, J.-P. Pain

FMS1262 Application of experiment design method for determination of drying kinetics
  G. Efremov, ?. Kudra

MFS194 Meta-analysis for Quantitative Microbiological Risk Assessment
  M.H. Zwietering, H.M.W. den Besten

MFS718 Incorporation of microbiological and molecular methods in HACCP monitoring scheme of molds and yeasts in a Greek dairy plant: A case study
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E. Beletsiotis, D. Ghikas, K. Kalantzi

MFS182 Poisson-gamma and Poisson-lognormal models for the characterisation of within-batch and between-batch variability in microbial counts in foods
  U. Gonzales-Barron, F. Butler

MFS791 The heterogeneous heat stress response of Escherichia coli K12
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  I. Cornet, E. Van Derlinden, A.M. Cappuyns, W. Bruyninckx, A. Kovacs, J.F. Van Impe

MFS724 On the influence of the experimental set-up on the heterogeneous heat response of E. coli K12
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E. Van Derlinden, K. Boons, I. Lule, J. Van Impe

MFS1319 Food chain safety management systems: The impact of good practices
  P. Raspor

MFS1072 Bayesian networks to explain the effect of label information on product perception
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  V.-A. Phan, A.P.W. Kole, U. Garczarek, M. Dekker, M.A.J.S. van Boekel

MFS759 A meta-analysis study of the effect of chilling on prevalence of microbiological indicators on pig carcasses
  D. Bergin, F. Butler

MFS868 Milk transport security and traceability system
  F. Payne, C. Thompson

FEW674 Comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) of production and transport of chilled versus superchilled haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus) fillets from Norway to France
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  I.C. Claussen, E. Indergard, M. Grinde

Poster Presentations
MFS272 Estimation of Peroxidase Activity in red cabbage by Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
  I. Shahabi Ghahfarrokhi, A. Daraei Garmakhany, S.M. Mousavi

MFS321 Quality classification of corn tortillas by means of cross validation between sensorial evaluation and computer vision system
  J.J. Chanona Perez, D. Mery, A. Soto, J.M. Aguilera, A. Cipriano, N. Velez-Rivera, I. Arzate-Vazquez, G.F. Gutierrez-Lopez

MFS374 Effect of microwave blanching on acrylamide content and quality attributes of french fries
  S. Tutaa, K. Palazoglua, V. Gokmenb

MFS399 Effects of application of tranglutaminase in wheat proteins during the production of bread
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E.Ap. Guastaferro Seravalli, A. Miwa Iguti, I.Ap. Santana, F. Finardi Filho

MFS486 Agrophysical methods to determine bioenergetic status of agricultural products
  Jerzy Tys, Jozef Horabik, Piotr Baranowski

MFS532 Separation between high and low quality coffees by FTIR-ATR
  A.S. Franca, A.P. Craig, L.S. Oliveira

MFS636 Effect of temperature on biospeckle activity in apples
  A. Kurenda, A. Adamiak, A. Zdunek

MFS711 Implementation of DNA technology in a Greek dairy company: An overview
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E. Beletsiotis, D. Ghikas, K. Kalantzi

MFS741 Sensorial characteristics of goat milk cheeses made from ultra high-pressure homogenization-treated milk
  B. Juan, J.M. Quevedo, B. Guamis, V. Ferragut, A.J. Trujillo

MFS878 User-friendly software predicting the microbial spoilage of emulsified acid foods
  S.G. Manios, A. Psomas, P.N. Skandamis

MFS917 Detection of fecal contamination on leafy greens by hyperspectral imaging
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  S. Kang, K. Lee, J.-G. Lim, M.S. Kim

MFS1034 Detection of mushroom Virus X (MVX) infection in asymptomatic mushrooms using FTIR microscopic imaging
  L. Alvarez-Jubete, F. Bonnier, H. Byrne, H. Grogan, J.M. Frias

MFS1073 Design and validation of sensory focused processes of foods
  C. Tzia, V. Giannou, D. Lebesi, D. Sabanis, V. Polychniatou, P. Sfakianakis, C. Chranioti, P. Moutsatsou

MFS1147 Rapid HPTLC-based method for quality control: simultaneous chemical analysis and antioxidant activity determination in herbal, nutraceutical and functional foods
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  K. Munoz, J. Calderon, E. Osorio, D. Castro, R. Serna, J. Diaz, J. Londono

MFS1267 Nondestructive evaluation of watermelon ripeness using LDV
  R. Abbaszadeh, A. Rajabipour, H. Ahmadi, M. Mahjoob, M. Delshad

MFS1274 Effect of pasteurization on bioactive amines in human milk
  F.F. Silva, M.B.A. Gloria

MFS1296 Integration of new/rapid methods and ICTs to improve food safety and quality
  D. Lebesi, A. Bilbao, A.I. Diaz, I. Papadaki, V. Oreopoulou

MFS040 Modeling of Greek coffee aroma loss during storage at different temperatures and water activities
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E. Makri, D. Tsimogiannis, E. Dermesonluoglu, P. Taoukis

MFS207 Combined effect of meat composition and heating parameters on the physicochemical state of proteins
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  A. Promeyrat, L. Le Louet, A. Kondjoyan, T. Astruc, V. Sante-Lhoutellier, P. Gatellier, J.D. Daudin

MFS362 Biogenic amine levels in dry fermented sausages produced and sold in Greece
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)

MFS404 Spore inactivation by ultraviolet irradiation combining with different pre-heating treatment
  D. Hamanaka, H. Yamada, T. Kadoyanagi, V. Tryvittayasil, F. Tanaka, T. Uchino

MFS420 Aroma profile of different salted dried codfishes
  M. Costa Silva, L.R. Silva, P. Guedes-de-Pinho, P. Andrade, P. Valentao, R. Costa

MFS426 Influences of pH and temperature on infrared spectroscopic features of brewed coffee
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  A. Hashimoto, Y. Sugimoto, K.-I. Suehara, T. Kameoka

MFS453 Comparison of wild and farmed sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax L) lipid quality
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  D. Lenas, S. Chatziantoniou, C. Nathanailides, D. Triantafillou

MFS507 Coupling between heat and mass transfer and stoechio-kinetic models to bring insight into maillard reaction kinetics during baking of sponge-cake products
  C. Penicaud, B. Broyart, D. Goujot, M. Courel, X.-M. Meyer, C. Bonazzi

MFS525 A methodology for the certification of food-serving services according to the Mediterranean dietary model
  E. Grigoroudis, A. Psaroudaki

MFS563 Bactericidal effect of electrolyzed oxidizing (EO) water on E. coli O157:H7- and Salmonella-inoculated beef, chicken, and shrimp
  J. Weese, T.-S. Huang

MFS612 Predicting persimmon puree colour as a result of puree strength manipulation
  A.R. East, X.H. Tan, J. Suntudprom

MFS816 Occurrence of furan in commercial samples of roasted coffee in Brazil
  A.P. Arisseto, E. Vicente, M.S. Ueno, M.C.F. Toledo

MFS821 Potential of furan formation in roasted coffee as influenced by species and roast degree
  A.P. Arisseto, E. Vicente, M.S. Ueno, S.A.V. Tfouni, M.C.F. Toledo

MFS833 Thermal inactivation of Byssochlamys nivea in pineapple juice combined with preliminary high pressure treatments
  E.H. da Rocha Ferreira, A. Rosenthal, V. Calado, J. Saraiva, S. Mendo, P. Rodrigues De Massaguer

MFS835 Role of spices on acrylamide formation in buckwheat ginger cakes
  L. Markova, Z. Ciesarova, K. Kukurova, H. Zielinski, D. Zielinska, A. Bednarikova

MFS837 Detection of deoxynivalenol in wheat flour using fluorescence fingerprint
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  J. Sugiyama, K. Fujita, M. Tsuta, M. Kushiro

MFS877 Modeling of growth and ochratoxin A production of Aspergillus carbonarius and evaluation in food matrices: effect of (gel) microstructure, water activity, and temperature
  A.E. Kapetanakou, A. Abavia, S. Yanniotis, E.H. Drosinos, P.N. Skandamis

MFS890 Modelling of in-mouth perception the case of sodium
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  B.J.D. Le Reverend, I.T. Norton, S. Bakalis

MFS948 Furan derivatives dynamic in rye bread processing
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  V. Ozolina, D. Kunkulberga, B. Cieslak, M. Obiedzinski

MFS1191 The effects of heracleum platytaenium boiss essential oil on the growth of ochratoxigenic penicillium verrucosum (d-99756) isolated from kashar cheese
  S. Ozcakmak, M. Dervisoglu, A. Akgun, A. Akcin, T. Aytas Akcin, F. Seyis

MFS1192 The inhibition of contaminated molds by some essential oils in cheeses
  S. Ozcakmak, A. Akgun, M. Dervisoglu

MFS1253 Fungicidal against Aspergillus flavus and decontaminate aflatoxinB1 with neutralized and acidic electrolyzed oxidizing water
  Li Lite, Xiong Ke

MFS068 Determination of aflatoxin M1 in raw milk by HPLC marker as evidence of cattle-food storage conditions from the herd suppliers of a dairy company in the city of Valledupar
  E. Fragoso, T. David, S. Romero, H. Ospino

MFS183 Use of a Poisson-gamma regression model to assess the process hygiene criterion for Enterobacteriaceae on Irish sheep carcasses
  U. Gonzales-Barron, F. Butler

MFS543 Improvement of harvesting and processing of cultivated fresh water prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
  T.C.A. Silva, L.S. Arrieche

MFS574 Assessing the conditions of milk production on farms based on family farming
  M. da Penha Piccolo Ramos, F.C.N.N. Silva, L. Oliveira de Farina, C.L. de Oliveira Pinto

MFS721 Regeneration of frying oils by using adsorbent resins
  N. Goncuoglu, B.A. Mogol, V. Gokmen

MFS881 Extending shelf life of watercress by means of alternative sanitizers and modified atmosphere packaging
  C. Char, P. Villena, A. Hinojosa, V. Escalona

MFS882 Modeling the effect of acid and osmotic shifts above and across the growth boundaries on the adaptation and growth of Listeria monocytogenes
  C.-I. A. Belessi, S.I. Merkouri, A.S. Gounadaki, S. Schvartzman, K. Jordan, E.H. Drosinos, P.N. Skandamis

MFS884 Effect of contamination stage and inoculum history on the survival and growth of Listeria monocytogenes in semi-hard and hard cheese
  C.-I.A. Belessi, S. Arapaki, A.S. Gounadaki, P.N. Skandamis

MFS1001 Inoculated pack study of an intermediate moisture egg patty
  M. Richardson, A. Sikes, C. Lee, S. Walker

MFS1101 HACCP implementation in public hospitals: a survey in Crete, Greece
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E. Kokkinakis, A. Kokkinaki, G. Kyriakidis, A. Markaki, G.A. Fragkiadakis

MFS1116 HACCP implementation in local food industry: a survey in Crete, Greece
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  E. Kokkinakis, A. Kokkinaki, G. Kyriakidis, A. Markaki, G.A. Fragkiadakis

MFS314 Commercial characterization of Madalenas: Relationship between physical and sensory parameters
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  M.M. Ureta, D.F. Olivera, V.O. Salvadori

MFS352 Integrating strain variability in modelling Salmonella enterica growth
  A. Lianou, K. Koutsoumanis

MFS353 A study on germination time and mycelium growth kinetics of single fungal spores
  M. Gougouli,K. Koutsoumanis

MFS455 Quantifying the combined effect of salt and temperature on the growth of Listeria strains isolated from salmon and salmon processing environments
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  T. Skara, A.M Cappuyns, E. Van Derlinden, J.T. Rosnes, V.P. Valdramidis, J.F. Van Impe

MFS798 Modelling thermosonication inactivation of Aspergillus flavus combining natural antimicrobial at different pH
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  C.P. Coronel, M.T. Jimenez, A. Lopez-Malo, E. Palou

MFS865 Survival of Bifidobacterium longum in model solutions and fruit juices
  S. Nualkaekul, I. Salmeron, D. Charalampopoulos

MFS879 Inactivation kinetics of attached Escherichia coli cells on stainless steel and fresh-cut apples by hydrogen peroxide disinfection treatments
  S. Raffellini, S. Ortiz, S.N. Guerrero, S.M. Alzamora

MFS955 Bi-phasic growth of Listeria monocytogenes Scott A in modified Welshimer’s broth at 7, 10 and 14°C
  N.A. Tyrovouzis, A.S. Angelidis, N.G. Stoforos

MFS124 Kinetic of white chocolate color loss
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  D.C.P. Jardim, A.G. Orse, P. EFfraim, S.C.S.R. de Moura

MFS166 Available lysine in powdered infant formula as described by reaction kinetics
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  I. Schmitz, A. Gianfrancesco, U. Kulozik, P. Foerst

MFS214 Kinetic modelling of colour changes during beef roasting
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  S.M. Goni, V.O. Salvadori

MFS428 Instrumentation of a semi-industrial oven to monitor non-enzymatic browning kinetics during baking
  M. Courel, B. Rega, S. Fehaili, P. Giampaoli, C. Bonazzi

MFS689 Degradation of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural in Malt during Fermentation of Beer
  G. Ak?ll?oglu, B. Atac Mogol, V. Gokmen

MFS969 Thermal inactivation kinetics of L-carnitine
  P. Prokopiou, A.M. Goula, N.G. Stoforos

MFS1009 Quality degradation of butterhead lettuce: the performance of General Stability Index (GSI) modified methodology
  M.V. Aguero, S.I. Roura

MFS1018 A MALST method comparison over univariate kinetic modelling for determination of Shelf life in cereal snack of dried apples
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  J. Saavedra, A. Cordova, C. Quezadaa

MFS1086 Modulation of thermal inactivation of protease during enzymatic hydrolysis of salmon muscle
  P. Valencia, N. Bustos, S. Almonacid

MFS020 A simplified method for determination of the sour cassava starch expansion property
  M. Janete Angeloni Marcon, D. Jacob Kurtz, M. Maraschin, V. Reginatto, I. Mottin Demiate, E.R. Amante

MFS089 Influence of room temperature on food safety in refrigerated display cabinet
  O. Laguerre, M. Hoang, G. Alvarez, D. Flick

MFS179 Antemortem and postmortem biochemistry, drip loss and lipid oxidation of European sea bass muscle tissue
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  C. Nathanailides, S. Panopoulos, F. Kakali, C. Karipoglou, D. Lenas

MFS707 Impact of initial handling and subsequent storage conditions on the safety and keeping quality of sardines
* (Published in Procedia Food Science)
  K. Chatzikyriakidou, E. Katsanidis

MFS883 Survival of Salmonella and Escherichia coli O157:H7 during freezing, thawing and cooking of ground beef patties, simulating common household practises
  S.G. Manios, T. Giovanis, A. Lalechou, P.N. Skandamis

MFS1219 European food, technology and nutrition declaration (EFTN Declaration)
  P. Raspor, L. Basa

MFS1249 Optimization of shelf life distribution of frozen fish products based on modelling and TTI monitoring
  M.N. Giannoglou , M. Loukianou, K. Tsatsaragou, T. Tsironi, P.S. Taoukis

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